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Annual Conference 2023

May 22-23, 2023
Austin, TX


2023 Lift Collective Conference: Social Sustainability Inside & Out

Over the years Lift Collective has made it its mission to create a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive wine industry and escalate long-term, positive change. We’ve brought together thought leaders on topics ranging from self-care to systemic abuse. We’ve tasted wines side by side, learned to decolonize our palates, fostered networking opportunities and hosted job fairs. Each time we’ve gathered, virtually or otherwise, has been an act of tenacity. And each year we’ve learned from the power of collaboration. But how do we maintain that resilience through new, stark shifts in wine and hospitality culture? Through continued pandemic, financial uncertainty, hoarded resources, and the essential but also exhaustive processes of accountability? How do we pursue societal well-being in a world that is unwell? Come and join the discussion.



  • May 22 -23
    Austin, TX
    For Lift Collective’s first conference since its reimagining in 2021, we couldn’t think of a theme more fitting than Social Sustainability. This conference is for anyone in the wine industry, new or seasoned, pursuing the quality of life that they deserve— one that thrives inside and out.
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